Registration and Fees

Our mission is to provide, through positive reinforcement and encouragement, an environment that promotes all aspects of music literacy. We strive to build character and individuality through creativity and self-expression. Our students will be taught the value of time-management and problem solving as it applies to music, and ultimately as it applies to life. Our overall goal is to instill in each child a love of music and provide to them the tools to pursue it for a lifetime.

Tuition and Registration

There is a yearly registration fee of $65 per student that will be billed when lessons begin then every year in August. The Music Academy runs on a 12-month cycle beginning in August and ending in July. Monthly tuition is billed at equal installments based on the number of lessons the student will receive for the year at a rate of $60 per hour. Students wishing to discontinue lessons must give The Music Academy a thirty day written notification, otherwise tuition for the month is required. There are no contracts to sign, therefore no penalties for discontinuing lessons at any time.

Books and Fees

Each instructor will provide a list of books and materials your child will need for the music lesson. You can either order the materials or have The Music Academy order them for you and bill the account on file. Other fees may include but are not limited to recital fees, music festivals and competitions. You will be notified of any fees associated with such events and have payment options available.

Absence Policy

Your assigned lesson time is strictly reserved for your child. Instructors of The Music Academy are not required to offer makeup lessons to any student for absences. In the event of emergencies or illness, the instructors may offer a makeup subject to availability in their schedule. With advanced notice, we will try to swap your child’s lesson but is not guaranteed. In the event of an instructor’s absence, the lesson will either be made up or your account will be credited.

Student Responsibilities

It is important to remember that although playing music is fun, there is a level of commitment involved in achieving true success. It is a three way agreement between students, parents and teachers that ultimately enables the student to obtain the best results possible from music instruction. Please encourage your child at home and exercise patience when dealing with the repetitive aspects of practicing, including counting out loud and playing to the tick of a metronome. Here are a few guidelines to assist you in helping your child:

  • Practice regularly and maintain a daily minimum practice average for age and level as recommended by the instructor.
  • Follow the lesson plan carefully and check it off at each practice session.
  • Arrive at the lesson well prepared and ready to learn. Unprepared students will spend the majority of their lesson practicing old material ultimately hindering their progress.
  • Bring all necessary books and materials to the lesson
  • Maintain appropriate behavior in the studio

Following the guidelines above ensures that your child will maximize the benefits of music instruction. It is important to remember that playing music is enjoyable and pleasing to listen to for both the student and the parent. However, without proper practice, true playing and learning does not occur and the benefits of music instruction are greatly reduced. We recommend that you, the parent, take a proactive role in the implementation and maintenance of the above listed guidelines for the best possible result.